"Heart of the Finger Lakes" Trails and Travel Guides

There are many exciting things to explore in the Finger Lakes. The links on this page will take you to a travel guide with maps, an overview of our area’s wine trails, and a map of our farm markets and homemade products.

You will find yourself winding through scenic back roads, stopping at wineries and Mennonite craft shops, exploring our villages and towns, and viewing our lakes from tree-lined hilltops.

Here you will find information on the upcoming Yates County Historical Driving Tour on the Universal Friend and her community, who arrived at Perry Point on Seneca lake in 1788, to become the first permanent white settlement on Amaericas new frontier, following the American Revolution.

Travel Guide
Wine Trail
Mennonite Trail
Mennonite Trail

The Yates History Driving Tour #1
Jemima Wilkinson: The Universal Friend Yates History Tours Project